Monday, September 06, 2010

Kids Say the darndest things......

So Me and my daughter Roxi where doing the dishes. She prides her self at being a "good helper" and I usually take the opportunity to teach her various things while we clean. During this particular time I thought it might be cute to see if she could spell her name. This is how it went.....

Me: What Letter is that?(She was holding one of the Magnetic letters from the Fridge.)
Her: Xssssss (she likes to emphasize the "ks" part)
Me: What sound does the X make?
Her: Kssssssssssss (etc.)
Me: Did you know there's an X in your name?
Her: YES!
Me: How do you spell Roxi?
Her: Ummmmm....WITH LETTERS!

I about dropped the plate I was laughing so hard!

I <3 having cute kids! Just thought I'd post this for future reference. :)

*End Rant*